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PODS®  Steps Up To Serve Medical Professionals 

As the nation begins to adapt to the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic, PODS® Las Vegas understands the importance of providing aid to the members of our community who need us the most. Medical professionals on every level have stepped up as a beacon of hope for the many people who have been affected by this life threatening illness, and have put the lives of others before their own to ensure the safety of our communities.

During this unparalleled time, PODS is taking additional steps to ensure that our medical professionals are supported. In an effort to aid their unwavering support to the public, PODS has provided storage containers for any medical facilities in need of additional space during this everchanging crisis.

Endorsed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and underwritten by FEMA, modified containers are a cost-effective solution for sourcing additional hospital beds to prepare and respond to COVID19. Our steel-framed, weather-resistant storage containers can hold supplies, equipment, and more so you can free up space for patient care. Our PODS team will help coordinate deliveries, move equipment off-site, or relieve dock congestion strains with the flexibility of container placement.

We at PODS believe that we can overcome this crisis together! Fellow community members and business owners are encouraged to get involved and share resources and other forms of support to ensure our community can rise up after this pandemic.

Is your medical facility in need of extra space and convenient storage? Please visit or call us at 702-766-8705.